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Our Afterschool Program

Our Afterschool program offers a supervised study hall, in which students can receive academic help in all subject areas, so that they can grow and thrive as life-long learners while reaching their full academic and human potential. 

"..John 23rd helped me by working at my own pace, but still pushing me to get my work done.."
                   -High School Student
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John XXIII's Afterschool program offers students the opportunity to request a mentor. A mentor is an adult who works one-on-one with a student on academics, goals, and personal development. 

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John XXIII's supervised study hall is supported by community members who volunteer their time and share their skills and talents with John XXIII students.  Tutors are proficient in at least one core subject, and they assist students in completing homework assignments and understanding basic academic concepts.

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High School Program

John XXIII Educational Center offers students more than a supervised study hall. The high school program focuses on helping students stay on track for graduation and creating a plan for after graduation. John XXIII Educational Center has partnered with RUSD credit recovery. Students who are enrolled in Credit Recovery are able to receive help from our supervisors and tutors during the after-school supervised study hall.   

High school students can also participate in our monthly Slice of Advice listening sessions in where  different career professionals share their career path with John XXIII students. Students are also encouraged to explore higher education through college visits, learning about different scholarships and assistance in navigating the college application process.

Click here to meet the High School Coordinator.

Middle School Program

The middle school program focuses on building up students' literary and math skills, and helping students get ready for high school. It also helps them to start thinking about higher education, and to build teamwork and resiliency skills.

One of the opportunities we offer students is the Countdown to College program, a partnership with St. Mary's University in Winona, MN. This is available to qualified eighth grade students. Students selected for this program must maintain their grades and attend a 2-week summer course at St. Mary's every summer. Students who successfully complete the program may apply for the first generation college student scholarship.  

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The middle school program also offers students interactive learning with Thursday Theme Nights. Every Thursday there is a special activity, focused on building a skill or knowledge about a chosen topic. Thursday Theme Nights creates a fun learning environment for students to bond with peers and discover healthy interactive academic activities . 

English as a Second Language


John XXIII Educational Center offers ESL classes  twice a week to John XXIII parents and interested adults. Claire Wagner teaches in small groups to help parents practice conversational English. A $2 donation per class is suggested to help meet the cost of learning materials. 

Click here to meet the ESL Insturctor, Claire Wagner.

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