Our Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is held at local middle schools. John XXIII staff members facilitate the outreach sessions during school hours. Topics are based on the need of the school.  The school counselors identify social barriers faced by their students to make sure the outreach topic fits their needs.  John XXIII staff members then facilitate five to six week sessions, where they address these barriers. The goal of the outreach program is to support students in becoming stronger leaders to make wise life decisions.  

By empowering students to overcome social barriers, we enable them to perform better in school and gain confidence in who they are. 

Outreach Sessions

Superhero Skills for Her/ Superhero Skills for Him: This group meets for 5-6 weeks and focuses on the social-emotional barriers faced by middle school boys and girls.Topics for this group include: identifying their strengths, identifying areas in their life that need improvement, building self esteem, healthy relationships, gossip, social media integrity and handling emotions. Group consists of 5-6 students.

Restorative Justice: This group meets for 5-6 weeks and focuses on how to identify and handle emotions with positive empowerment and forgiveness. Topics include: identifying emotions and triggers, calming emotions and techniques for resolving conflict. Group consists of 3-4 students.

Crossing the Bridge-Transitioning to High School: This group meets for 5-6 weeks and assists 8th graders with their upcoming transition into high school. Topics for this group include: importance of punctuality, goal setting for their freshman year, understanding the importance of meeting with their counselors, establishing a healthy support system of peers and mentors, balancing emotions and building resiliency skills. Group consists of 5-6 students.

Heartfulness: This group meets for 5-6 weeks and will center on resiliency tools, ability to focus and gratitude. Students will raise their social emotional learning skills. Tools include: mindfulness techniques and meditation exercises to calm the mind. Groups consists of 4-5 students.

Healing Gently: This group meets for 5-6 weeks and focuses on students who have experienced loss, such as death of a family member, divorce, homelessness, or incarceration of a loved one. For confidentiality purposes, the title for students is "H to the G." Topics include: identifying the stages of grief, physical effects of grief, grief as alteration and not completion, and tribute to loss. Group consists of 4-5 students


Don't see a group that addresses your students needs?

Contact Geri Bodi, Outreach Coordinator, to discuss creating a group to fit your school's needs!
Email: jeri_bodi@john23center.org
Phone: (262)898-5665


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